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Every year, the top 25% of all Realtors close nearly 75% of all real estate sales!!
These “superstar” salespeople have a secret weapon that helps them close more sales.   Their secret to success is that they avoid overpriced listings!

Top producers encourage sellers to obtain a “pre-listing” appraisal to determine a property’s value before it is listed in the MLS.   As you may know, most showings for any home will take place during its first 45 days on the market - when it’s an exciting, new listing! So, it’s critical that the asking price be razor sharp to the actual value right from the start!

Your listings will be more competitively priced than most other properties!
A pre-listing appraisal will pinpoint the most probable selling price, will identify any condition problems that might add friction to the marketing process and will determine the actual living area of the home.    

Top producers leave several copies of the appraisal at each listing so buyers can learn the actual value of the property.   
This prevents most “low ball” offers.   Buyers can look at the appraisal floor plan and photographs to help them remember your listing.   They can also take the appraisal to their lender for loan approval without having to wait two weeks for another appraisal! Since the buyer can take our appraisal to virtually any lender in the nation to obtain a mortgage, almost all buyers willingly reimburse sellers for the appraisal fee because of the time saved! The appraisal costs the seller nothing in that case and you are in control.    

Since “time kills all deals,” doesn’t it make sense to help the buyer reduce their mortgage processing time by a couple of weeks?
Getting an appraisal in advance will do just that!


For more than twenty two years, I have observed under-trained Realtors trying to sell over-priced real estate to unqualified buyers! Nothing could be more frustrating for a truly motivated seller.   

Let’s face it - many agents will accept a listing at almost any price demanded by the seller.   Later, price reductions are suggested because the market “didn’t respond.” After months of frustration, most sellers get angry and seek out a top producing agent who can get results!

Many top producers are often the second or third listing agent when the sale is finally closed!
Superstar closers also encourage “pre-listing” appraisals to determine if a seller is really serious!
If a seller refuses to pay for an appraisal, he or she will probably refuse to pay for needed repairs.
Top producing agents decline such listings since it appears that the seller isn’t motivated or is merely trying to “test the market.”


By the way, higher asking prices don't necessarily equate to higher selling prices! 
Price per foot tends to under price the best properties and overprice most others in a neighborhood.   Even if a buyer can be convinced to pay too much, the sale will fall through when the mortgage appraiser reports the actual value to the lender.   Overpriced properties quickly become "shop worn" and the eventual selling price is often much lower than it would have been if it had been properly valued from the start.   Don’t let this happen to you – insist on a pre-listing appraisal every time!!

As soon as the “for sale” sign is planted in the yard, the property is no longer the seller’s home.   
It is simply another house for sale in competition with others on the market.   Sellers must do everything to “showcase” their property for the next owner.   These days, “allowances” for repairs or updating don’t work.   Homes in great shape will sell for much higher prices and in less time.

Sellers should eliminate clutter, store excess items in an offsite storage facility and consider boarding pets elsewhere.   The décor of the home should be made neutral.   A professional landscape company should manicure the outside of the property and the interior of the home should be cleaned & “detailed” by a company specializing in new home make ready for builders.  

The first step is learning the actual value of what is offered for sale.  
Since the local tax office is usually wrong about the actual square footage of most homes, the appraisal will determine the home’s correct living area.   An experienced appraiser can also estimate the increase in value when condition problems are corrected.   An accurate appraisal will also confirm a home’s value for reluctant buyers.   

I welcome the opportunity to correctly appraise your property. 

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