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Steve's Home

Steve's family picutre in New York Jan 2011. I now have four

Kids. Newest child's name is Ivy Sam.


Darci in New York Jan 2011


 Steve and Reuben in 2002

 Andy at trade show 2006

 Reuben driving Martin's boat

Steve and Reuben at Epcot 2006


 Steve, Reuben and Wife (Dina) 2003


Week at the beach 2006

Week at the beach 2006

Steve and Reuben - bumper cars 2006

Reuben and Camryn at the beach 2006


Steve and Ru on Ski trip 2006


Middle daughter - Camryn


 Steve and the kids 2006 - Summer vacation


Ru and the family dog Dolly


Steve at trade show


Steve and Reuben